home » blog » Toledo Bend Seawall Failure – built by Ricky Hobbs circa 2010
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Darrell Deculus
Darrell Deculus
6 years ago

Check into the concrete and steel seawalls built by Concrete Foundation Services. They have a display wall at Toledo Town Hardaware and this type is designed for the fluctuation in water levels at Toledo bend. Vinyl walls are like wood walls. They only go down so far. When the dirt starts to wash away the undermining process will start and you will be losing dirt again from the underneath washing out. Look into it.

J.T. Fontenot
J.T. Fontenot
3 years ago

man this is just what I needed to read. We lost our bulk head in Luara and just dont know who to trust with this amount of money.

Toledo Bend Cabins
3 years ago
Reply to  J.T. Fontenot

Do you have some before and after pictures of your seawall?

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